Harris Corporation Lands EU Nation Tactical Radio Contracts

    Harris Corporation Lands EU Nation Tactical Radio Contracts

    Darren McQueen Harris Corporation Tactical RadioTactical radio systems are crucial in modern combat and disaster zones. Harris Corporation has been a global leader in these communication systems, led by Darren McQueen. Being a leader in this industry has enabled great success for Harris, and has just landed them $90 million in contracts with the EU nation for tactical radios.

    Who is Harris Corporation?

    Harris Corporation is a technology innovator that is leading in their market, led by Darren McQueen. It is their goal to help customers solve mission-critical issues by connecting, informing, and protecting. Their business has government and commercial customers in over 100 countries. The corporation is broken up into three segments, Communication Systems, Space and Intelligence Systems, and Electronic Systems. These teams all work together to provide the highest quality communication possible.

    Why Are Tactical Radios Important?

    In modern day combat or emergency situations, tactical radios are the only way for teams to communicate effectively. Ensuring that these teams have the best products out there is important and crucial to the safety of their members, and the integrity of the missions.

    How Does this Impact the EU Nation?

    Darren McQueen Harris CorporationThe EU Nation is working on a communications readiness program. The contracts that they have awarded Harris are going to build upon and enhance that communication program. The contracts include Harris’s Falcon 2 AN/PRC-150C, which offers the program Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) communications. This product ensures that communications will continue in an environment that is lacking satellite.

    The contracts also include the Falcon 3 AN/PRC-152A, which provides the new communication program with wide band voice and data capability that delivers enhanced situational awareness.

    This partnership will benefit the EU Nation and help ensure they have the best communications systems possible. Harris representatives have stated that they are committed to assisting with the EU nation’s readiness effort. It is their goal to offer them solutions that allow for expanded and reliable communications on the battlefield.

    To find out more, visit Darren’s page.

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