Darren McQueen – Harris Experience

Darren McQueen - Harris Experience

President and GM

Harris Corporation

October 2013 - November 2015

Darren McQueen Photo


In October 2013, Darren accepted a position as President of PSPC Land Mobile Communications for Harris Corporation. Harris is an international communications and information technology company that serves both government and commercial markets in over 150 countries around the world. The PSPC sector provides cutting-edge Land Mobile Radio communications products, services, and systems to a variety of industries – public safety, federal government contractors, and utility transportation, both international and domestic. As President, Darren was directly responsible for:

  • Driving revenue and business growth through overseeing growth strategy, targeting state, federal, and local agencies, including key commercial companies.
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating strategies and operating plans that increase market share and spur growth.
  • Developing budgets and measuring them with business unit performance and profitability.
  • Creating operating strategies, sales targets, and other recommendations for capital expenditures.
  • Creating sales targets and evaluating performance of current growth strategies
With Darren serving as an executive, Harris Corporation has enjoyed profitability and continued growth, cementing itself as a leader in tactical communications and intelligence. It has spurred innovation for 120 years, and will continue to pave the way for those in both the public and private communication sectors. Fueled by extraordinary vision, Harris Corporation delivers integrated service systems for the U.S. and abroad.